Apple picking!
Will someone please be my travel partner?
The final product(:
I love these signs but I don’t own any..
Some girls from school were giving people henna.
Saw this at a park and while the kids were cute, laughing and playing, this scene made me a little upset.
“Why Bread is Bad for Ducks
Not only can bread be fattening to ducks and make it harder for them to fly and otherwise evade predators, feeding ducks bread can also lead to other problems.
Duckling Malnutrition: In an area where ducks are regularly fed bread, ducklings will not receive adequate nutrition for proper growth and development. Furthermore, because ducks will naturally seek out an easy food source such as human handouts, ducklings will not learn to forage for natural foods as easily. 
Overcrowding: Where an easy food source is abundant, ducks and other waterfowl will lay more eggs and the pond or lake will become overcrowded. This makes it more difficult for the birds to seek out healthier food sources and increases the likelihood of territorial aggression. 
Pollution: When too much bread is offered to ducks, not all of it will be eaten. The soggy, uneaten bread is unsightly and rotting bread can create noxious odors as well as lead to greater algae growth that can clog natural waterways. This concentrates the pollution and can eventually eradicate fish and other life in the vicinity. 
Diseases: Feeding ducks bread can increase the spread of diseases in two ways. First, a carbohydrate-rich diet leads to greater defecation, and bird feces easily harbor bacteria responsible for numerous diseases, including avian botulism. Second, moldy bread can cause aspergillosis, a fatal lung infection that can decimate entire duck and waterfowl flocks. 
Pest Attraction: Rotting supplies of food leftover from sated ducks will attract other unwelcome pests such as rats, mice and insects. These pests can also harbor additional diseases that can be dangerous to humans. 
Loss of Natural Behavior: When birds become accustomed to handouts, they lose their natural fear of humans and may become aggressive in order to get more food. Their loss of fear can also cause other dangers, such as a willingness to cross busy roads in order to reach picnickers and other likely sources of food.”
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Party snackerz
Peace Tea
Anonymous: what lens do you use???

I use a Canon T3i body and I have 3 lenses, one is the kit lens (the lens that you can purchase with the T3i), a Canon macro lens, and a Rokinon 85mm f1.4 aspherical lens. I also have a super cheap (in price & quality) fisheye lens attachment but I don’t use it so often.

My old pictures from few years ago are taken with a Nikon Coolpix, I forget which model… Most of the pictures on my blog that are typical “quality blog” pictures are taken with the kit lens. Most of the other pictures (the more artistic ones or those with a smaller depth of field) are taken with the Rokinon or the macro lens. 

If there’s a certain picture you’re curious about you can message me which one and I can tell you which lens was used.

Thank you for the message. Have a phenomenal day(:

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Anonymous: Where'd you get the bedspread that's on your bed in the catching fire pic? It's so cute!

Sorry if I’m late replying! For some reason tumblr doesn’t show when I get new messages and I haven’t checked my inbox in a while.

To answer your question — It’s actually a duvet and it’s one of a kind! Unfortunately for you that means you can’t purchase it anywhere. :(
A few years ago I bought a white duvet cover and I tie dyed it rainbow in my backyard; that’s what you see in the Catching Fire picture.

Here’s a full picture of the duvet cover. You can certainly try to do what I did and recreate it! (If you do attempt to recreate it message me the final look!)

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of much help! I hope you have a great day regardless!

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Koko taking a picture of her food.
I couldn’t find a Waverly Sub Station. Shame.
This was an amazing buffet.
Picture from graduation.